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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. And then the world.

Ever wondered how closely a restaurant follows health codes? GrubThing gives you the low-down before you chow down.

By analyzing restaurant inspection reports, GrubThing can establish a rating for each restaurant and food facility in Victoria, BC, Canada. Past results influence the rating, giving a picture of the restaurant's performance.
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Assorted Recent Reports

Salt Spring Wok Bar

104 - 149 Fulford Ganges Road Salt Spring Island

2017-02-14 Routine


Salt Spring Natureworks

116 Lower Ganges Road Salt Spring Island

2017-05-26 Routine


Salt Spring Wild Cider House

151 Sharp Road Salt Spring Island

2017-09-14 Routine


Salt Spring Sprouts & Mushrooms Commercial Kitchen

324 Starks Road Salt Spring Island

2017-10-19 Routine


Royal Canadian Legion Medden Hall

120 Blain Road Salt Spring Island

2017-06-13 Routine


Woodley's Restaurant & Servery

121 Upper Ganges Road Salt Spring Island

2017-11-20 Initial