GrubThing gives you the low-down before you chow down.

So you want to find some great restaurants near you - you've got plenty of options: Yarp, UrbanSpork, TroughAdvisor.

GrubThing ... isn't those. It's built locally here in Victoria, and consults a restaurant inspections database to help you find the cleanest places to eat.

What goes into the GrubRating?
The GrubRating is calculated by examining each restaurant's previous inspections. A strong track record of few or no violations and consistent "low hazard" scores help ensure a high GrubRating.

Restaurants that don't yet have a full history of 5 or more reports may have a few percentage points deducted to signify insufficient historical data - the maximum deduction for this is 8%.
[Fast Food Chain X] has a GrubRating of 100% - huh?!
It might shock you to find out, but chain restaurants and fast food places have a strong commitment to consistency, and this includes restaurant inspections. GrubRatings do not provide an opinion of food quality or service quality - they simply gauge the restaurant's track record when it comes to health code compliance.
Why is GrubThing recommending an Old Folks Home?
GrubThing's data sources sometimes include food facilities that you normally wouldn't think of as "Restaurants". You might even find some gas stations with really great GrubRatings. This does not refer to the quality of the gasoline. Do not consume gasoline. Seriously.

An attempt is made to filter these results out (as they generally don't concern most people) but a few are bound to slip through.
Couldn't I just check the VIHA website?
Absolutely! On the desktop it's fine, and the search is fast, but you do have to manually open each report to get an idea of each restaurant's history. However, mobile access is another story: one of the goals behind GrubThing is to deliver a usable mobile-friendly experience that isn't currently possible with VIHA's frames-driven implementation.

A future improvement to GrubThing may result in an API that other sites can integrate with, similar to the public APIs of other regions and counties across Canada and the USA. (Creating a project like GrubThing would have been easier if VIHA themselves provided this functionality.)
How can I contact you?
If you have a question or concern about GrubThing or any of its ratings/features/etc:

Email: "support at"

You can also fill out the feedback form at the bottom of each Restaurant page.