Caffe Misto

101 - 734 Aldebury Street Esquimalt

Routine Report for 2016-03-31

Critical Violations
Non-Critical Violation
Hazard Rating

Comments: Routine inspection conducted today. Overall facility is clean and well maintained. Protective temperature records are up-to-date. Mechanical ware washer is properly reaching sanitizing temperature of 82°C, measured at the manifold. The kitchen fridge/freezer is running warm, the operator is aware of this and unit is only being used to store bread and sauces. please have this unit repaired if this unit is to be used to store potentially hazardous products in the future.

Violation List:


Code 116

Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment --- Please repair the thermometer of your mechanical ware washer, alternatively a maximum registering probe thermometer or heat sensitive test strip can be used. Resurface the exposed bare wood along the countertop by the ice machine.

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