Cherries Breakfast Bistro

3 4144 Wilkinson Road Saanich

Routine Report for 2017-08-24

Critical Violations
Non-Critical Violations
Hazard Rating

Comments: Hand washing sinks are equipped with soap and paper towel. Quat surface sanitizer measured at 200 ppm. High temperature dishwasher measured above 71°C at plate. Gauge was not operational at time of inspection. Use the max/min probe thermometer when digital screen is broken. Facility overall is clean and well maintained. Protective temperatures met health requirements during the inspection.

Violation List:


Code 116

Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment --- Far back fridge has duct tape on glass and side of door. Repair/replace so that surfaces are smooth and easy to clean and impervious to moisture. Food debris (crumbs) in the bottom of the freezers needs to be cleaned.

Code 118

Food Safety Plan/Sanitation Plan --- Temperatures logs are not up to date. Logs must be filled out daily and should also include sanitizer concentration and temperatures of the high temperature dishwasher. Label all chemical containers and their contents.

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