London Fish & Chips

1 A & B 6686 Sooke Road Sooke

Follow-up Report for 2013-07-30

Critical Violation
Non-Critical Violations
Hazard Rating

Violation List:


Code 108

Critical Improper Cleaning, Sanitizing of Equipment and Utensils --- Dishwasher is in process of being replaced; in the meantime use four step manual dishwashing method (as per signage provided). Ensure a sanitizing rinse of 100 ppm chlorine (one ounce bleach for four litres water) for at least two minutes and air dry.

Code 116

Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment --- Recycling is in process of being removed. Continue to remove unnecessary items.

Code 118

Food Safety Plan/Sanitation Plan --- Test strips on order. Obtain and have onsite as soon as possible.


This facility has been given a "Moderate" hazard rating.

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