West Coat Grill, Banquets/catering Kitchen

6929 West Coast Road Sooke

Routine Report for 2014-12-11

Critical Violation
Non-Critical Violations
Hazard Rating

Violation List:


Code 108

Critical Improper Cleaning, Sanitizing of Equipment and Utensils --- High temperature dishwasher must reach 180°F for final rinse cycle. Final rinse measured well below 180°F at the time of inspection. Utilize three compartment sink method for wash, rinse and sanitize of equipment and utensils until dishwasher has been serviced and fixed or use upstairs high temperature dishwasher until corrected.

Code 110

Food Not Protected - General --- Bottle labelled sanitizer is in fact not maintaining chemical residual. Ensure all bottles are properly labelled to ensure adequate disinfection/sanitizing of surfaces.

Code 116

Improper Construction / Maintenance of Establishment --- Ensure that walk-in fridge and freezer have adequate lighting. Replace bulbs to increase lighting.


This facility has been given a "Moderate" hazard rating.

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