FC11 - 21 - 1644 Hillside Avenue Victoria

Routine Report for 2016-05-05

Critical Violations
Non-Critical Violations
Hazard Rating

Comments: General sanitation is good. Quat sanitizer is at 200 ppm. Test strips are available. Frequent hand washing is observed. Food handling practices are acceptable. Temperature of refrigerators are at less than 4°C. Freezers are at less than -18°C. Hot holding temperatures are at less greater than 60°C. Temperature record is up-to-date. Please complete the following items:

Violation List:


Code 113

Improper Sanitary Facilities --- Ensure hand sink is used exclusively for hand washing. Do not store lids in sink.

Code 118

Food Safety Plan/Sanitation Plan --- Expand daily temperature record to include soup temperature.

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