Subway Restaurant

120 - 31 Helmcken Road View Royal

Routine Report for 2016-02-15

Critical Violation
Non-Critical Violations
Hazard Rating

Comments: Routine inspection conducted today. Facility is clean and well maintained. All cold holding protective temperatures are in compliance with the Health requirements ≤ 4°C. 200 ppm quat surface sanitizer is available. Protective temperature records are up-to-date.

Violation List:


Code 107

Critical Inadequate Cooking and Reheating of Potentially Hazardous Food(s) --- Ensure reheated soups reach an internal temperature of 74°C prior to storing in the hot holding units. Thoroughly mix the produce and use a probe thermometer to confirm proper reheating temperature has been achieved.


This facility has been given a "Moderate" hazard rating.

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